About Us

Etobicoke Window and Glass expert is a window installation, glass installation, window repair, and glass repair company which is located in Etobicoke, Canada. It deals with all forms of window repair including Car window repair, Window frame repair, and foggy window repair.

We are professional and customer-focused and as our name implies experts in our field. We provide a unique degree of expertise that assures clients that their works are in good hands. We are intentional about making use of the best products in fixing or installing client glass and windows.

We also offer great customer service, treat our clients with great care and consider their needs when working out the time it would take to fix their windows.

At Glass and Window repair experts, we are committed to customer satisfaction, taking each client's job as seriously as the next, impeccable service, and amiable customer interaction. Our policies are ultimately customer friendly, easy to walk through and we are available round the clock. We have ample workmanship at our disposal to deploy to your job whenever need be.

Our Services

Etobicoke window and glass experts offer a range of services from glass and window repair and installation to replacement of broken glass, installation of vinyl glass, fixing and replacement of crushed or bent frames, foggy glass repair, etc. Our services for window locks repair include

Locks and Full window inspection:

We offer a free service of inspecting the locks which are damaged to realize the extent of the damage and the remedy to it. We also inspect the whole window to discover if other hidden faults need to be handled. On this basis, we make recommendations to our client on the next step to take. This is done at absolutely zero cost to the client.

Quotation drafting:

We draw a quotation stating the total cost of the repair. The quotation includes all the materials needed and their cost and also the service charge of the company. The service charge is affected by the proposed time to finish the work. This quotation is presented to the client who indicates his or her approval or disapproval.

Onsite Work:

Workers are assigned to the client's location to begin work. Our workers were skilled and well-trained handymen. They are customer-friendly and are instructed to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience to the client. They maintain a neat environment and clean up after they are done with their job. They deliver promptly.


We offer a warranty to all our clients. This grants them the chance to make complaints if they find our service less than satisfactory. If the window lock we fixed is damaged within a ridiculously short period then complaints may be made but it notes that the damage must not be caused by external forces for the warranty to be effective.

Why Choose US

We can be easily contacted and work on-site either in a domestic or commercial setting. We are careful to not damage any object in our client's building even while performing our services.

We emphasize treating our clients with dignity. We make use of quality materials in our window lock repair. Our workforce is skilled and well trained.

We deliver on time as we understand the value of the client's time. We have a warranty on our service in the case where they are less than satisfactory to the client.

We offer a free location inspection and recommendation service. We maintain a neat working environment. Our charges are not bogus but affordable.