About Us

Etobicoke Window and Glass expert is a company providing various services on window installation or glass installation and repair. We train our workers to perform great services even while treating our clients well. We are focused on giving our clients a good experience even while handling their window or glass service. We have a track record which proved our expertise as a company. We are novices so you can rest assured that we would do a food job on your job without damaging anything. We work physically on the location of the client and deliver our services on time. We care about our clients so we have a warranty granting them a chance to make complaints if unsatisfied with our services.

Our Services

Etobicoke window and glass experts offer a range of services from glass and window repair and installation to replacement of broken glass, installation of vinyl glass, fixing and replacement of crushed or bent frames, foggy glass repair, etc.

Inspection of the faulty window crank and full window inspection. We inspect the window crank and observe the issues it has to discover what should be done to it. We also inspect the window to discover any hidden issues in need of repair. After noting all observations we make a recommendation to our clients on what they should do. Whether they should opt for repair or replace the window crank.

We draft a quotation for the client. The quotation drafted is based on the information gotten during the inspection. It includes the cost of materials used in repairing the window cranks and the service fee for the company. This is presented to the client.

Once the client gives the approval we begin work. We deploy our workers to the client's building and start work on repairing the clank. They are well trained and experts in repairing various window issues. They will be instructed to avoid causing unnecessary inconvenience to the client. They leave their work environment neat once they are done with the job.

•A warranty is granted to our clients so they may raise their complaints during the stipulated time. The complaint may be about the time of delivery or the quality of service rendered. The company would attend to their complaints. If the window cranks appear faulty even after fixing it, complaints may be made.

Why Choose US?

You may be wondering why you should choose our service instead of other companies for your window crank repair. We have various reasons why you should choose us, a few of them are stated below.

We can be easily contacted and work on-site either in a domestic or commercial setting. We are careful to not damage any object in our client's building even while performing our services.

We emphasize treating our clients with dignity. We make use of quality materials in our window crank repair. Our workforce is skilled and well trained.

We deliver on time as we understand the value of the client's time. We have a warranty on our service in the case where they are less than satisfactory to the client. We offer a free location inspection and recommendation service.

• We maintain a neat working environment. • Our charges are not bogus but affordable. •We are experts in our field.

Contact Etobicoke window and Glass expert for all your window crank issues. You will not regret doing so!