Windows Caulking and Sealing in Etobicoke.

Air leaks in your window?

Do you need caulking and sealing for your windows within and around Etobicoke?

Have there been air leaks in your building? Are you tired of excess utility costs?

Are you tired of the effect of moisture on your home? If yes! We are here to solve your issues. You may ask how?

By providing caulking and sealing services. We offer the use of various types of caulk based on your budget and your windows. Our service is affordable, all you need to do is contact us as soon as possible and we will solve all your sealing and caulking issues.

Sit down, drop that checkbook, place a call to us and let us handle your window worries.

About Us

Etobicoke Window and Glass expert is an organization hosting a group of window and glass experts.
Our workers are experts in their fields and are trained to know what to do concerning window and glass installation or repair.
We are diligent and deliver our services promptly.
We attend to clients as soon as possible and avoid delaying them unnecessarily.
We do justice to any job assigned to us leaving a mark of excellence on every window and glass we install or repair.
We also have a warranty attached to our service allowing clients to raise complaints if unsatisfied with our work

Our Services

Etobicoke window and glass experts offer a range of services from glass and window repair and installation to replacement of broken glass, installation of vinyl glass, fixing and replacement of crushed or bent frames, foggy glass repair, etc. If you are focusing on window caulking and sealing the following are our services.

Inspection of the windows which need caulking and sealing. Upon inspection, we would realize how to go about doing our job. The inspection would help us know what each window needs in terms of caulking and sealing. Even small details such as the color of the window may be important especially if the clients desire to have caulk of the same color as the window. Our observation during the inspection is presented to the client to guide them in decision making.

we would draft a quotation on the total cost of the window caulking and sealing. The quotation would hold the cost of materials used for example the caulk. It would also have the company service charge. The quotation is presented to the client who decides to accept or not to accept the quotation.

Once the client approved we would deploy our workers to the location to start work. There are two divisions of our caulking and sealing service.

Indoor Caulking and sealing: We offer caulking and sealing services strictly for the interior of the building. The type of caulk used in most parts of the interior apart from the kitchen doesn't have to be too strong. This is because the windows are not exposed to environmental hazards and are fairly protested.

Exterior Caulking and sealing: We also offer caulking and sealing services for the exterior of buildings. The type of caulk used here should be strong so as not to break easily under environmental pressure. It should be temperature resistant and have the ability to withstand terrible weather.

We provide our clients with a warranty on our services. If they are not satisfied with our services they may bring complaints within the stipulated time. Their complaints would be addressed by the company.

Why Choose Us

Our reviews attest to the flawlessness of our quality service. We can always provide three recent clients if you seek extra validation.

We are strictly professional in our approach to business and have trained our employees as well. From the first call to the quotation to the jobs by the handyman, we seek to attain just three things with our professionalism; efficiency, productivity, and maximum customer satisfaction

We are licensed and certified and have been in business for five years.

We are dedicated to completing all jobs within a timely manner so as not to encroach on the privacy and convenience of our clients .