Windows Aluminum Capping in Etobicoke.

Do you need to add a window aluminum capping to your wooden window and you stay around Etobicoke, ON? You don't know if you need to. Try and answer the following questions. Is your wood window frame giving you trouble but you don't want to replace it? Are you constantly having to paint your wood frame and you are weary? Is your wood window frame on the verge of rotting because of constant contact with water? Why not try window aluminum capping? It provides a means to cover your cherished window frames and protect them. It also has the added advantage that you will not have to face the cost of replacing your window. What you will pay for window aluminum capping is much less than the cost of a new window frame. Let us help you do it. There are many repair jobs that you may attempt on your own but window aluminum capping is not one of them because it requires the touch of a professional. Etobicoke window and Glass expert workers are professionals and experts in their field. You may contact us through a phone call or email.

All about Aluminum Capping.

What is all the fuss about aluminum capping? Why is it better than regular frames? Aluminum capping has set itself apart through various distinguishing factors namely; durability, affordability aesthetics, etc.

Damage Prevention

Aluminum capping helps prevent further damage by keeping out the elements, keeping insects from weakening the wooden frames, and prevents frames from hollowness or rottenness.


Durability; aluminum capping increases window frame strength and ensures resistance to rusting and depreciation.

Energy Saving

Aluminum capping helps to save energy, air leaks, and caps; maximum insulation.

Our Services;

Etobicoke window and glass experts offer a range of services from glass and window repair and installation to replacement of broken glass, installation of vinyl glass, fixing and replacement of crushed or bent frames, foggy glass repair, etc. We have step-by-step services offered by our company to clients interested in window aluminum capping. They are discussed below.

  • We draft a quotation for the window aluminum capping. The quotation includes the cost of materials to be used and the company service charge. The total and breakdown are presented to the client who approves or rejects the quotation.
  • We deploy workers to the site who begin work immediately. The aluminum capping is carefully fixed on the wooden frame and avoids any form of damage to it. We clean our work environment once as are done with the job.
  • We provide a warranty for our clients through which they may raise complaints. The complaints may be about the time of delivery or the quality of service delivered. There is a stipulated period when complaints may be raised. Once this period lapses the complaints may no longer be looked into.

Why Choose Us.

You may wonder why you should choose our company rather than other companies for your window aluminum capping. We have various reasons why you should choose us, a few of them are stated below.

  • We install the window aluminum capping carefully as we avoid damage to the wood frame.
  • We can be easily contacted and work on-site either in a domestic or official setting.
  • We are careful to not damage any object in our client's building even while performing our services.
  • We emphasize treating our clients with dignity.
  • We make use of quality materials in our window aluminum capping.
  • Our workforce is skilled, diligent, and well trained.
  • We deliver on time as we understand the value of the client's time.
  • We have a warranty on our service in the case where they are less than satisfactory to the client.
  • We offer a free location inspection and recommendation service.
  • We maintain a neat working environment.
  • Our charges are not bogus but affordable.
  • We are experts in our field.

Your wooden frames need a window aluminum capping. Reach out to us now to fix it for you.