Glass Replacement Etobicoke, ON

Do you need to have your broken glass replaced within Etobicoke, ON? Anytime glass is broken, maybe in a window or any form of a frame, it is important to replace it as fast as possible in order to avoid hazards which may include injury to persons coming in contact with the sharp edges. Do you know you can get a company to attend to your broken glass issue on-site by just placing a call or sending a mail? We are that company. At Etobicoke window and Glass expert, we handle all your broken glass issues at a minimal cost. Whether it is a glass in a window or any other form of a frame, we will handle it for you.

About Us

Etobicoke Window and Glass expert is a window installation, glass installation, window repair, and glass repair company which is located in Etobicoke, Canada. It deals with all forms of window repair including Car window repair, Window frame repair, and foggy window repair. We are professional and customer-focused and as our name implies experts in our field. We provide a unique degree of expertise that assures clients that their works are in good hands. We are intentional about making use of the best products in fixing or installing client glass and windows. We also offer great customer service, treat our clients with great care and consider their needs when working out the time it would take to fix their windows.

Our Services

Etobicoke window and glass experts offer a range of services from glass and window repair and installation to replacement of broken glass, installation of vinyl glass, fixing and replacement of crushed or bent frames, foggy glass repair, etc. For broken glass replacement, we provide the following services

We inspect the site where we would be replacing the broken glass and the glass while checking to discover the extent of damage on the glass and its frame. This shows the areas in need of repair as it may be more than the glass that was damaged. We also measure the proportions of the glass to know the size to be given to the replacement glass.

Next is the drawing up of the quotation. The quotation includes the calculation of the total cost to replace the broken glass. It includes the cost of materials and equipment use and the regular service charge. This is presented to the client who decides to accept or decline.

The main service provided is the onsite work. Our workers are assigned to work on-site. The first face of the work is to complete the removal of the broken glass. Then the fixing of the new glass, if the new glass does not completely fit into the frame it would be filed to make it the perfect size. Our workers are skilled and well trained.

A warranty is granted to our customers to make complaints whenever they are not satisfied with our services. This is in terms of late delivery and faulty new glass previously fixed by us. This complaint must be lodged within the stipulated time agreed on by both parties.

Why Choose Our Service?

You may be wondering why you should choose our service instead of other companies for your broken glass replacement. We know you want the best handling of your work and we have various reasons why you should choose us, a few of them are stated below.

We can be easily contacted to work on-site either in a domestic or commercial setting. We are careful to not damage any object in our client's building even while performing our services.

Our workforce is skilled and well trained. We deliver on time as we understand the value of the client's time.

We have a warranty on our service in the case where they are less than satisfactory. We can be easily contacted and work on-site either in a domestic or commercial setting