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Windows are a strategic part of a home or a car and when a window needs repair, it is important to repair it as soon as possible. It can be trying to look through a foggy window or trying to open a window with a faulty window frame. Are you tired of looking through a foggy window? Or struggling with opening your window? Maybe you are tired of being disappointed by repair companies. If in need of window repair Etobicoke Window and Glass expert is your go-to company. All you need to do is contact the company and you will have all your window issues solved within as little time as possible. Are you still in doubt? Read on to discover more about the company.


Etobicoke Window and Glass expert is a window installation, glass installation, window repair, and glass repair company which is located in Etobicoke, Ontario Canada. It deals with all forms of window repair including Car window repair, Window frame repair, and foggy window repair. We are professional and customer-focused and as our name implies experts in our field. We provide a unique degree of expertise that assures clients that their works are in good hands. We are intentional about making use of the best products in fixing or installing client glass and windows. We also offer great customer service, treat our clients with great care and consider their needs when working out the time it would take to fix their windows.

Our Services

Etobicoke window and glass experts offer a range of services from glass and window repair and installation to replacement of broken glass, fixing and replacement of crushed or bent frames, etc. When considering window repairs specifically, Etobicoke window and glass experts provide the following services:

Examining of faulty windows:

The first line of action is to examine the faulty windows to know exactly what is wrong with them. The client may have observed some of the damage but may not know the full extent unlike a professional. It may be a window frame repair or foggy window repair. The examination also determines if the window would be repaired or replaced (in case the damage is too extensive).

Quotation drafting:

After examining the extent of the damage and determining what would be needed. The next step is the drafting of the quotation. The quotation is determined by the resources used in the window repair and the time spent on it. The quotation is then presented to the client.

Well-Trained Handymen

Next, we send our workers to begin work on repairing the windows. They are well-trained handymen who are experts in their fields and are conversant with the proper treatment of clients. They take into consideration the client's comfort even while working and ensure their working environment is neat.


There is a warranty on the services rendered by the company and if such services are unsatisfactory it can be reported and consideration would be made towards the possible correction of whatever faults exist if such faults were caused by the company. However, the warranty does not apply if whatever faults the client claims are caused by external forces.